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To Request a Free Evaluation and Quote

Please email us a copy of your finished manuscript in MSWord (.doc) or RTF (.rtf) format. One document for the book (every word) is ideal. See the "Manuscript Preparation" section for notes on word processing and images. Send all supplemental material (all camera-ready artwork, TIF files, etc.) at this time as well.

We like it when people enable us to finish the whole book from the materials they initially provide; we can begin work during the review, we can provide low quotes, and everyone benefits.

Please wait until you are confident the manuscript is truly complete before sending it in for review and quotation; rewrites after typeset affect lineflow and pageflow, unravel existing typesetting, and are charged by the word. It is always unwise to use the typesetting process as an editorial process.

If your files total 3Mb or more, it is likely they will need to be sent in the mail. Floppy disks, CDs, DVDs and zip100 disks can be mailed to:

Cox-King Multimedia
PO Box 909
Geneva, NY 14456

(You do not have to submit the wording for your back cover or dust jacket at this time, but it is helpful to start thinking about it soon after you have requested a quotation. A total of 150 to 250 words is usually adequate for a back cover. Add 100 per dust jacket flap. Subtract 25 to 50 words for a small author photograph, if you will incorporate one.)

Information You Should Provide with a Manuscript

Please provide comprehensive information about yourself and your project. Feel free to copy and paste the text below into your email message or cover letter as a starting point. Quotations usually take 1-10 business days to produce, and include timing, pricing, and extent of services. Feel free to ask general questions before you formally request a quote.